Taking care of your planted tree


  • Water your planted tree every seven days — even if it rains — for the first couple of years. Sprinkler system water isn’t enough — you need to physically water the tree with a garden hose or a Tree IV (more below) every week for the first two years in order to establish its root system in the soil.

  • I strongly suggest using a Tree IV to water your planted tree. (These are available online.) A Tree IV is one of the most simple and efficient methods for watering a planted tree.


  • I don’t recommend fertilizing your tree for the first six months after planting. This will give the tree time to establish its root system in the soil, which is necessary before it can grow in height.

  • I do recommend using the Jack And The Beanstalk fertilizer recipe, courtesy of Producers Co-Op Lawn & Garden Center in Bryan, TX, once your tree has been planted for six months or more.


  • DO NOT prune your planted tree for the first couple of years — all branches should be allowed to grow naturally.

  • Allow the lower limbs to remain on the tree stem for two years or more. The tree stem will grow stronger in order to support these lower limbs.

  • Once the tree is 7-8 feet tall, prune off all of the lower limbs up to the point where you want the lowest permanent limb. Use aerosol pruning sealer to seal any cuts where limbs have been pruned.