Keeping your tree safe

While I discourage planting your Century Tree seedling in an environment where deer or livestock are present, it is sometimes unavoidable. Follow the tips below to keep your tree from becoming a snack for wildlife or livestock.


  • Deer damage young trees in two ways:

    • They eat the tree’s leaves.

    • Bucks will rub their antlers aggressively against the stem when the tree gets taller, stripping it of its developing bark and critically injuring the young sapling.

  • Building a cylindrical enclosure around the planted seedling using T-posts and either wire netting, or a plastic deer fence, can protect your seedling from deer.

  • Failure to build this enclosure often results in disappointed customers when deer do extensive damage to the tree that they have planted and purchased.


  • Livestock will also eat the leaves of your tree if preventive measures are not taken. A similar fence can help keep livestock from doing damage to your tree while it grows.


  • Use a wire tomato cage or highly-visible stakes to make the boundaries of your tree more visible while mowing.