If deer are present...


If deer live on the property where your tree is planted, you will need to take some preventive measures to protect your new Century Tree seedling. Deer love to nibble the leaves and branches off of young seedlings, and they will literally eat your tree to death unless you prevent it.

Yes, it’s added trouble and expense. But I strongly recommend that you use t-posts and plastic deer fence to build a deer fence around your planted tree. You can still use your TREE IV and water it from outside the fence.

This fence will need to be at least six feet tall, even though your seedling is tiny right now. Soon, the tree will grow taller and extend above the six-foot tall deer fence. Deer have been known to stand up on their hind legs and reach up with their neck to eat leaves from a growing tree nine feet above the ground.

It’s your choice whether to protect your Century Tree seedling from deer. If you want your seedling to survive in deer country, please take necessary measures to protect it.